Barbers, and I speak with considerable experience on this one, have something of a reputation for being a bit on the inquisitive side. Take for instance, and I quote ‘have you been away anywhere nice this year?’ Or perhaps, ‘did you see the footie last night?’

Now I’m not one for being judgmental but this type of banter is hardly likely to solve third world debt, and it certainly won’t get you a better haircut. So with this in mind we decided to drop the Spanish inquisition over your fortnight in Benidorm in favour of one simple question - if we can do things better, then how?

We weren’t expecting any great revelations, perhaps we thought barbers had been around long enough to know a thing or two about what their customers actually want. Well we were almost right, as it appears (here comes the drum role) barbers are… ‘alright’.

‘Alright’ is not necessarily an award winner but nor is it a slap in the face, so we could have easily gone back to the ‘have you been anywhere nice this year?’ routine. Well not exactly as alright didn’t really do it for us; in fact it fell incredibly short of the mark. After all, we’ve trained for years, done thousands of haircuts and worked in more than a few shops, so ‘alright’ as far as this barber shop was concerned just didn’t cut it! (I know. Couldn’t resist the pun).

So with this in mind we asked some more and received some very interesting responses. Take for instance the suggestion that we have a fulltime lap dancer in-store or even an indoor go-cart track! I for one was in favour of both but technical issues proved decisive. We had after all only one barbers pole to slide down and gel, it turns out, was more hazardous to track safety than the Women’s Institute parallel parking team!

Some ideas did however go the distance, like when we asked where would you rather be? To which someone jokingly chirped up ‘mine’s a pint’. I say jokingly, but after all of a split second we decided it wasn’t as ridiculous as it sounded and added a working bar to our plans.

And the bar was just the start, before long we were talking about large screen TV’s, playstations, internet access, comfy sofas and whether a few more poles could get the lap dancers back on track!

So what are the results I hear you asking? Well why not see for yourself, or better still pop your head round our door and we’ll give you a sharp cut and show you what being 'The Original Modern Barber' is all about.